What ?

MUlti and Transfer Oriented System


MUTOS is a bridge system that is fundamentally based on Strong Clubs, a derivate from Precision :

1club is used to open hands with 16+hp or equal hands based on distribution (ref. Rule of 25 or 32 Zarpoints). Consequence is that all other 1 level openings are limited to 15hps.

The responses on 1 differ seriously from what is commonly known . The bidding space is used to address a maximum of different distributions using multi-bids (bid that can mean more than 1 particular meaning). From the moment de auction is game forcing, the auction becomes a monologue : only the opener asks distribution and strength details from his partner without revealing his own hand.

Overcalls do not really disturb. They only provide more information useful for the play.

MUTOS aims to address as much as possiible all distributions and in the meantime to make bidding difficult for opponents.

MUTOS uses the 1NT weak opening , 12-15hp, indicating all hands without 5 card. Opponents have to enter the auction on the 2 level.

MUTOS typically plays the 5 card : 1 and 1 openings therefore promise a 5 card .

MUTOS combines both opening hands with a 5 card minor into one bid : 1.

MUTOS applies where useful the transfer technique either to bring the contract in the correct hand, either to keep the auction open, either to use a suit that else could have been used by the opponents.

MUTOS is also a modular system : only the one-level openings are interrelated and are mutually impacted if if one of them changes. The 2 and 3 level openings can be filled according to own taste with preferences for preemptiveness.