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Euro coins Ruben

Welcome on my personal page!

This personal website shows the collection of euro coins. Coins shown here, inform the visitor about their descriptions concerning name, date, country and mintage. This isn't a selling site but it is born to spread knowledge about euro coins and to help new collectors.

This personal websites shows as well my collection of euro coins. Everything I have is in circulated condition. I ONLY collect circulated euro coins.

I used materials, photos, info from different sources. I want to thank eurocollezione, myeurocollection, wikiwand and Google Images.

Euro coins on map

Card Europe
  • Euro countries
  • EU does not belong to ' ERM II
  • EU belonging to ' ERM II with opt-out
  • EU does not belong to ' ERM II with opt-out
  • No EU that use the euro bilaterally
  • No EU that use the euro unilaterally