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Welcome to EXCOMA's website.
EXCOMA is a company established under Belgian law, which provides high-quality international services to medium-sized and large companies. Thirty years of international experience in an industrial environment in more than 15 countries, five spoken languages and a flexible hands-on approach are available at your fingertips. We offer you interim management services, independent and reliable consulting services and technical and technological expertise solutions.

30 years of experience.

Our expertise comes from 30 years of practical experience backed by professional/academic qualifications.


Hands-on Approach to efficiently address your needs.

We address your needs in the most efficient way with tailor made solutions based on a hands-on approach

We provide support using an interactive approach. Verbal communication and straight to-the-point reporting backed up with concise documentation, in our experience, will result in the most efficient and rapid resolution of your needs.

It is our intention to guide you in your process of reaching decisions.

We will diligently study your case through direct interaction, if needed, with the relevant stakeholders and through detailed study of the relevant documents. We will assist in identifying your needs and the various possibilities to address them. We will explore the possible solutions with you, build a strategy based on a practical approach. We will guide you in the implementation of the strategy and the execution of the agreed action plan right through completion/commissioning

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