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Exergos is an independent consultancy firm specialized in optimizing business processes.

Building on the techniques of Operations Research (OR) Exergos analyzes a wide variety of complex problems. Using a broad spectrum of mathematical tools and advanced optimization software on one side and a lot of common sense on the other we formulate solutions that are better, faster and less costly than the original. The keyword in everything we do? Efficiency.

Exergos is known for its customer relations, high degree of flexibility and focus on quality. Combined with a no-nonsense communication style we aime at finding solutions in a fast yet thorough fashion.

Exergos uses techniques from operations research (OR) to optimize business processes. Operations research can be situated on the intersection of engineering, financial analysis and software modelling.

It encompasses a wide range of methods of which the most important and most used are statistical analysis, mathematical modelling and mathematical optimization. Together with other techniques such as game theory, portfolio theory, probability theory and decision analysis Exergos can tackle the most complex of problems.

To transform the mathematical description of a problem into practically implementable solutions Exergos uses state-of-the-art software and a modern IT-infrastructure.

With the results of an OR analysis companies can make more efficient decisions and realize a substantial increase in productivity.


Combined heat and power plan

Financial plan and energy calculations

Winter tire

Winter tire

Optimization of distribution


Organic Rankine Cycle

Financial plan and energy calculations

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines

Calculating optimal turbine type for wind site

These are some examples of projects Exergos has finished over the past year.

Although Exergos works on projects in different business sectors, the essence is always the same: increasing efficiency using mathematical models and algorithms.

For an operator of a combined heat and power plant (CHP) of 9 MW in the Antwerp region Exergos developed an extensive financial model. To quantify the financial risk a Monte Carlo analysis was performed. This gives the operator the opportunity to focus on those parameters that have the most influence on the profitability of the installation.


To distribute a volume of more than 1 million winter tyres consisting of 700 different types between 500 clients a lot of computational power is necessary. Exergos developed a planning tool that optimizes the distribution based on the parameter input of the client. The resulting distribution procedure is faster, more flexible and more client friendly.


For a renewable energy project Exergos developed a model to determine the most efficient type of wind turbine. The model accounts for many parameters such as the average wind speed, other location specific parameters and data from the different suppliers.


To maximize the efficiency of a power plant it is essential that no energy is lost. Using an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) installation a part of the waste heat of a CHP can be used to generate electricity. Exergos was asked to provide a thorough rendability study because the investment is large and the margins small.


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