Welcome, to my new and improved website, I hope so. I learned a lot about designing web pages, but it is still the start of it. This website is all about my blog, my portfolio, programming and designing tips & examples, various designs and pictures and also various links and stories.

I used XHTML, XML, JavaScript and CSS in order to develop my site. These are w3 standards which give you the chance to develop a complete cross-browser and cross-platform website not to forget some pseudo-creativity. But @ this time there are a couple of bugs in my website running in firefox. I will try to solve those problems as soon as I can.


Who am I?

The person on the picture is I.

I am a guy, 29 years old living in Belgium. A litlle country between Holland, Germany, and France. Do you want more information about Belgium, please visit the links in the Belgian Tab (right side). I have a house in Ghent, the capital city of flanders. I am a teacher, programmer and web designer (mostly programming). I try to do the following things in my spare time: web designing, walking, drawing, cycling, be active also lazy, watching movies, surfing the net, playing with my cat rocky and try to please my girlfriend :).

Do you have any remarks about this website, please contact the webmaster.

In the picture!

My cat, Rocky is his name, was and still is in the picture this week. Why, you ask? It's because my cat is sick but he's on a better hand. He had problems but fortunately there are vets. Next week all the problems will be history but he can't eat normal food ever again, just food with special usefull ingredients.

Rocky is 3 years old, living in ghent.

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Heads collision - by Philippe De Pauw
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