:: relative words :: :: relative moment ::

mesmerision of all senses

i may just end up everywhere
artificial ignorance
422 and feel
somewhere in the back
some thing about reality (i should be taping)
no illuminati pax
kochma and the pontifex
the seer
forms of purity
the only one awake

a place above our own
cloning the gods
saints of youth
voynichian riddle
soap tears

no family day

the carnival string theory

° combining the relative

apparently all the attitude is healthy for mind and body and wants them to consume some more

all the people in the concrete sailed into a breeze

they all shaved their brain while the mustard gas kicked in

a rabbit in our headlights, jesus saved them all

barbed wire for his birthday was causing him to fall

:: relative sounds ::

mirrormask ost - if i apologised
it c
ouldn't hurt too much to try

pain of salvation - beyond the pale
we will always be so much more human than we wish to be

devin townsend - gaia
send a message to gaia, the air is getting thin

vast - channel zero
what did you expect, another point of view?

pink floyd - time
the sun is the same in a relative way but you're older

porcupine tree - the start of something beautiful
always out of reach you are
:: relative visuals ::

:: relative connectivity ::


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