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about the company

F.B.M.B. is a small company that pursues the simplification of entrepreneurship for its clients by providing the possibility to focus on their 'core business' and opening new opportunities.

In order to achieve this goal F.B.M.B. releases its customers to the possible extent from the administrative hassle. This customer-driven approach requires from our staff members expertise in following domains:

  • Accountancy
  • Taxation
  • Consulting

Don't hesitate to get in contact and learn how we can open doors to easier undertaking.

about Marc Baert

Marc Baert is approved taxation specialist and accountant as well as founder/manager of F.B.M.B.. In '88 he obtained a grade in Accountancy-Taxation at the HHTI De Ham (Katholieke Hogeschool Mechelen), after which he decided in '89 go for an additional grade Corporate Management at the Eshal Hogeschool in Brussels. In '92 he terminated his academic career with a final diploma Taxation at the Eshal hogeschool. In '94 he estrablished F.B.M.B. LTD and made it the successful business it is today.


Steenhofstraat 4
3078 Everberg
TEL +32 (0)2 757 15 22
FAX +32 (0)2 757 93 22
E-MAIL info@fbmb.be

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