Hacking Western Digital MyBook World Edition

This page provides information on how to hack your MyBook World Edition, so as you can improve performance and add new features. MyBook is powered by ARM9 microprocessor, it has 32MB of SDRAM and boots from internal hard drive. The system partition has 2.8GB (only 260 MB is occupied). This means that you have a lot of resources for various improvements.

At least intermediate Linux experience is required for playing with MyBook. Please, if you do not meet this requirement, ask someone experienced to help you. Otherwise there is a risk that you will brick your MyBook!

Step 1: Installation of your MyBook
Step 2: Enabling ssh access on MyBook World Edition
Step 3: Get rid of mionet processes
Step 4: Installing nano-editor
Step 5: MyBook World Edition Spindown
Step 6: Installing rtorrent
Step 7: Automatically downloading torrents on your MyBook with rTorrent
Step 8: Installing dtach screen multiplexer
Step 9: Installing Gnu Screen
Step 10: Using built-in lighttpd to serve webpages
Step 11: Installing No-IP on your MyBook
Step 12: Installing subversion [SVN] on your MyBook
Step 13: Installing Ushare - UPnP Media Server
Step 14:Using Transmission as a Bittorrent client on MyBook
Step 15: OptWare for MyBook
Step 16: Installing subversion [SVN] via OptWare repository
Step 17: Installing aMule on my MyBook
Step 18: Full Read and Write User Permission on shared network

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