ToolsTools is a small package of tools to enhance your TomTom Navigator for Pocket PC.
And best of all... it's almost for free!
Just donate 2 euros to support us in developing better tools, more tools !

!! Version 2.1 out now !!

* Compatible with TomTom Navigator 5 & 6 *

ToolsTools is Written in Microsoft Visual C# and requires the Microsoft .NET CF v2.0 to be installed on your pocket pc.


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Route Tracker
Saves the route you are riding, enabling you to re-ride the same route over and over again.
The saved route can be used from within TomTom, or can be uploaded and used with third party software.
Saves the route in the .itn format. (latestRoute.itn)

Generate POI
This tool enables you to generate a POI file ( .ov2 format ) from an existing text file.
All you have to do is to save the text file in a certain format.
For more information, see the manual.

Switches between day and night colors automatically at sunrise and sunset,
depending on the current GPS position and time
NEW function !

GPS Tracker
Saves the GPS (raw) data of your current route.
This data can be used in third party software like Ozi-Explorer.
Saves the log in the .txt format. (RawGpsOutput.txt in TomTom\sdkregistry directory)
NEW function !


the main window

the about window


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Version v2.1
December 20th, 2006
- Added GPS Raw data logging functionality.
- Added DayNightSwitcher functionality.
- Registration based on Device ID.
- Bug fixing.

Version v2.0
November 25th, 2006
- Bug fixing.
- Navigator 6 compatibility.

Version v1.9
November 1th, 2006
- TomTom Navigator 6 compatibility.

Version v1.8
May 11th, 2006
- Minor bug fixes.

Version v1.7
April 19th, 2006
- Pocket PC VGA screen size version added.
- Microsoft Installer added. (for PC use)

Version v1.6
April 16th, 2006
- GPS Logging functionality added.
(Beta version, not functional yet)

Version v1.5
April 11th, 2006
- Icons added, also in Programs folder
- OpenFileDialog added in GeneratePOI
- Conversion to .NET CF v2.0
- CAB file installer.
- Converted to Visual Studio 2005.
- Icons added, instead of buttons.


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