1. Install the program

2. Create a .txt file :

- Make the following layout ( as in generatepoi.txt example file ) :

   - 1st line is the name of the POI file you want to create in TomTom Navigator
   ( the name of the .ov2 file in TomTom )

   - following lines :  Name;Street;House Number;Postal Code;City;

   Like this :

   Speedy Q-Team;Av. De la Couronne;506;1050;BRUXELLES;

3. Save this file as a .txt file, and specify a ; as delimiter ...

4. Copy this file to your PDA.

5. Run the program and the POI file is created in TomTom ...

6. An error logfile is created for entries with errors.

- The error logfile is located in the 'My Documents' folder.

Have fun !

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