Persons in wheelchairs have plenty of ability and can be successful and desirable. So much so that they may be worth killing...

Death Comes Twice is a detective thriller, murder mystery based in Flanders, the northern region of Belgium. Wheelchair-users are being murdered with horrific brutality and cunning callousness.

Why are persons with a handicap being targeted? Who are the perpetrators? And more importantly, who will be next?

Federal Inspector Jesse Lacroix is in a race against time to prevent further deaths. Helping him in his quest is a strong and versatile team consisting of a nocturnal nerd, a sharp behavioural analyst and a seasoned man of brawn. Will they succeed?

This book offers interesting insights in dealing with disabilities and shares opinions on the untapped social and professional potential. All this is wrapped in an original and exciting suspense story that will tickle your imagination, shock your mind and touch your heart.

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Author: Faas Kramer

Editor: M.K.Lloyd

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