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Dynamic classical style Pilates mat classes in Paris 16ième and around

English spoken

Private, semi-private or in a small group

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What Pilates does for you

A toned body that moves with ease and grace

More energy, improved posture, increased stamina and injury prevention

Enjoy the tremendous benefits the classical Pilates method has to offer, whatever your fitness level

Your Power Pilates certified instructor at Feel Good Pilates guarantees quality mat classes that are dynamic, always fun and never boring.

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Small group classes

Fully enjoy Pilates in a small group

Private and semi-private

Personalised at your convenience


Feel Good @ Work

Energise at lunch break


You are most welcome to contact Heidi for more details!


Have your own small group session - organised when and where you like!

Simply gather a few friends - from 12 per person

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Nothing can beat a classical style Pilates class. Classes are dynamic, flowing and focused. Forget about boring endless repetitions! While doing the exercises you will have fun, never be bored and yet, almost unnoticed, your body will have worked hard.


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