Evere (Brussels): Osmose Festival.
Creation of "Nyali" (for Violoncello & Piano) (December 3th, 2016).

Mamre (South Africa):
Conducting "Stellenbosch University Brass Ensemble" (November 16th, 2016).
Soloist on Trumpet: Renaldo Wales.

Drafting Squares
Fingerprints #2 - Signatures from composing Flanders.
Drafting Squares, broadcast by Radio Klara on July 11, 2016.

20 year conductor at “KHHL” - Houthalen (Belgium) (2015).

Athlone (Cape Town) (South Africa) (2014):
Donation to "Athlone Academy of Music" (http://www.athlone-academy-of-music.co.za) in collaboration with
Basisschool "De Schakel" Houthalen (B).
Together with Mr. Thurston Brown, Director of Athlone Academy of Music (Cape Town). (November 15th, 2014).

Vlottenburg (South Africa) (2014): Donation of musical instruments in collaboration with Actie Welzijnszorg;
Basisschool “De Schakel” Houthalen; vzw gezinszorg “Thuis” Midden-Limburg;
K.H. Hoeverheidegalm (Lillo-Houthalen); K.H. Vermaak na Arbeid (Aalst-bij-St.-Truiden) (November 11th, 2014).

Stellenbosch (South Africa) (2013):
World creation of my composition "GORCUM" for French Horn and Symphonic Windband.
This first performance was played by Windworx (Cape Town), led by their guest conductor Rik Ghesquière.
Soloist: Sigrid Ceunen. (South Africa).

Shanghai (China) (2013):
With the LOJM in Shanghai (July 21 - July 31, 2013).

Berlin (Germany) (2013):
“The Flemish composer Felix Ceunen in portrait”.
(Saturday, March 2nd, 2013 and Sunday, March 3th, 2013).
Together with Mr. Walter Moens, Representative of the Flemish Government in Berlin.

Sorodha-Finalist (Antwerp) (2011):
“Sorodha International Composition Contest for Violin Solo 2011: 2nd prize;
“Cadenza e Vivace” based on the name of Dutilleux.

ISME-Finalist (2011) (de Singel, Antwerp):
“3° International ISME-IVME Composition Contest 2011” : Finale;
Meditation on Dufay’s “Nuper rosarum flores”.

Stellenbosch (South Africa) (2011):
Guest at The Chamber Music Festival at Stellenbosch (South Africa).

Falta de Tiempo (2010):
Artistic Director of the Chamber Ensemble „Falta de Tiempo”.

Jef Van Hoof Prijs (Antwerp) (2010):
“Jef Van Hoof prijs 2010”: 1st prize; ‘Parcae ‘(Violin solo).

Utrecht (Netherlands) (2010):
"International Harp Competition & Festival  Composition Contest Utrecht 2010":
1st prize; ‘Prosa in Miniatura’ (Harp solo).

Monthureux-les sec (France) (2009 & 2010):
International Summer-Course for composers with
Stefano Gervasoni, Clarence Mak, Gian Poalo Luppi, Sergio Lanza & Jan van Landeghem.

ISME - Finalist (2008) (Passage 44, Brussels):
"2° International ISME-IVME Composition Contest 2008": Final 'Akhlys' for Violin Solo.

Quebec (Canada) (2006):
With the Belgian Navy Band in Quebec (Canada).

Conducting Nostradamus (O. Schwartz) with the Symphonic Band of Waterschei (Genk)(Belgium).

Toronto (Canada) (2003):
With the Belgian Navy Band in Toronto (Canada).

Kinshasa (Congo) (1985):
With the Symphonic Band of the Belgian Guides in Kinshasa (Congo).

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