From KoC player to LaCN Member...
Join our family to become a full member
1. Register at our forum with your KoC Name (your exact koc name), or give your KoC-name in the KoC-field in your profile.

2. Login before proceeding to the next step

3. Post an application here.

4. Send a KoC PM to the Recruit Center mods containing the link to your application, to verify your account information.

Note: It is important to pm all the mods with the link to your application. This will ensure that your application will be processed as soon as possible and if anything's wrong you'll be contacted. If you do not verify your application by pm'ing the mods, your application won't be looked into.
Recruit Center Mods

Join LaCN ingame and set to Primary
1. Click here to join the alliance.

2. Go to the alliances tab:
Go to alliances tab

3. Set LaCN as Primary Alliance:
Set LaCN as Primary alliance
Complete the above to get access to the alliance tools below...
Install Firefox and Greasemonkey Add-On
In order to be able to use the Clicker and the Suitcase, you need to have Firefox and Greasemonkey installed.
Clicker - Eric's Modified Yar
The link to install the clicker script is here. If the clicker has been installed you can start clicking in the Recruit page. Next to the button that says "Update my Preferences" you will see a button that says "Launch Recruiter". Click that button to start the clicker. If you haven't received a personal password code, you have to message me or another high ranked member of the alliance to get this sorted asap.
LaCN's Suitcase
After you have become a full LaCN Member, you can find details about what is Suitcase and how to get access here.

Suitcase wil help you with the following:

- Recent stats/gold on the BF
- Notifies if you lost weapons
- You get a war list to sab
- Shows how much you can be sabbed for
Find guides
You can find a list with helpful guides about LaCN, the game and strategy in this forum post or find non-forum guides here.