October Porsche Cayman S Testdrive
This month we tested the Porsche Cayman S.
295 hp, 5.4 sec 0-60MPH, quite some figures. This car was a great drive and an oportunity to make a nice video.
So last month we unleashed this sportscar on our nice Belgian country roads. Watch what a great fun we had and don't be afraid of the police, for once they were our best friends....
Important information: Some of our videos may contain verhicles driving at high speed. Don't try to do this yourself. These videos were shot on safe locations and the verhicles were driven by drivers with years of experience. We don't want to encourage speeding or dangerous driving. This is just a view on what these verhicles are capable of. Don't try these speeds on local public roads.
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This year on skiholiday, a part of the dropzone crew went to La Plagne, situated in the Nordern part of the French Alps.
This Skiarea "Paradiski", of which La Plagne along with Les Arcs is part of, consists of 420 km slopes.
Since it was the first time for all of us at this skiresort, it meaned skiing with the map in our hands for the first few days. We had a really great time, as you can see in our short clip. Enjoy...
January La Plagne Ski