Koi of November 2000

Kanoko Asagi 60cm Female 3 years old from Niigata

An unusual Koi will not become unusual all at once. As a usual Koi gradually changes to become such a beautiful piece, this Asagi also started from an ordinary Asagi. It was an ordinary Asagi when it was 2 years old. However, Hi on the belly gradually has been climbing up. In addition, the Hi appears on each scale like Kanoko. It will keep growing and covers all the body to become a beautiful Kanoko. A hang of Koi hunting is find out the sign of becoming beautiful and get it before it completes its beauty. This Asagi is still thin. Kanoko appearance is only 70% completed. Since it is female. It will keep growing. Please complete her by your hands.
by Taro Kodama.


Kanoko Asagi 60cm Female 3 years old