Madness! Such is the meaning of the moniker adopted by Belgium rockers "Follia!", a forward-thinking musical act whose diverse approach defies genre definitions and other boundaries in order to create an exciting, timeless and personal sound.

Based out of Ghent, the combo recently released their 3rd album, a self titled record where they seamlessly blend in elements as diverse as folk, rock and jazz in order to create a sonic landscape that feels familiar as much as it feels unpredictable and fresh.

Line Up

  • Indra Boone: Vocals, acoustic guitar

  • Johan Fernand Decancq: Bagpipes, medieaval chanter, diatonic accordeon, Saxophone, flute, Vocals

  • Sammy Lee Daese: flute, Keyboards, medieaval chanter, Melodica, Vocals

  • Gabor (Vörös) Humble: Guitar, Vocals

  • Jouni Isoherranen: Bass

  • Jonathan Callens: Drums

  • Jeroen Goegebuer: violin