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I redesigned the complete site and made some changes on some the pages hope you enjoy the new look.


open doors before you enter

open your pants before you pee

when there's chemistry, kiss the nice girl you meet at a party

there's a snooze button on your alarm for a reason

don't beat your wife every day

feed your veggie friends meat burgers

keep some extra change in your pocket

nod friendly at people you meet on the street

don't go to sleep until you saw the stars

take a magazine with you on your daily toilet visit

appreciate the nothingness of everyday aspects in life

keep all wrappings in your pockets till you find a trashcan

limit the seriousness in your life

look for beauty in details

when there's chemistry, kiss the nice girl you meet at a party

it's ok to scratch your ass once in a while

notice the people arround you and how your actions also affects them

feed your meat eating friends veggie burgers

give some that extra change you kept in your pocket to a bum

stay up all night to see the first sun rise

showers are for singing and so is the rest of your world

when there's chemistry, kiss the nice girl you meet at a party

embrace the smell of rain on hot asphalt

remember that it takes a bad day to notic one that's good

say "I love you" in front of the mirror

verify you're giving that bum your change instead of some wrappings

big cars and mouths compensate small dicks and hearts

don't smoke to much

use your drugs after making making music, art or love

pick your nose

preserve the kid inside you

action sports are in fact for softies

use your brain it won't hurt

when there's chemistry, kiss the nice girl you meet at a party

kiss her

or you'll regret it for the rest of your life

Pt. 2 of Excellent Summer Tunes

01 Jean Knight: Mr. Bigstuff
02 S.O.U.L. : Burning Spear
03 Esther Williams: Last Night Changed It All
04 Gill Scott-Heron: B-Movie
05 Grand Funk Railroad: Nothing Is The Same
06 Incredible Bongo Band: Apache
07 Isaac Hayes: Walk On By
08 Edition Speciale: Mr. Buisness
09 Brother Jack Mc. Duff: The Shadow Of Your Smile
10 Dusty Springfield: Spooky
11 Jean Plum: Look At The Boy
12 Isley Brothers: Who's That Lady
13 Johnnie Taylor : I Could Never Be President
14 The Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band : Sakara
15 King Errison : Well Have A Nice Day

Sample of the moment: Sweat Loaf by the Butthole Surfers AKA Orbital: Satan


I just finished school got my post graduate degree in Transmedia. Inbetween celebrating this event I'm currently looking for a job(freelance or not) , applying for governmantal funding and artist in residence programs so I can continue to document cities worldwide as I did with my Brussels series.

Sample of the moment: Siffre Labi: "I got the blues" aka Eminem "My name is"

A nice collection of summer tunes pt.1 guaranteed to make hot days chill.
01 Ramsey Lewis: Soulful Strut
02 Lynn Collins: Think (About It)
03 Marlena Shaw: California Soul
04 Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham: Lover And A Friend
05 Fried Chicken: Funky DJ
06 Lisa Linn & The Bo Sylven Orchestra: In A Street Cafe
07 Donald Byrd: You & Music
08 Joe Bataan: Young Gifted & Brown
09 Roy Ayers: We Live In Brooklyn Baby
10 Alan Hawkshaw: Beat Me 'till I'm Blue
11 Betty Adams: Make It Real (Ride On)
12 Betty Lavette : Let Me Down Easy
13 Billy Paul: Am I Black Enough For You?
14 Chakachas: Jungle Fever
15 Christian Sievert : O-A-Le

More music with the Peurtorican/Belgian talent Gabriel Rios and his video for Broad Daylight


After a lot of designing, re-designing a numerous attempts I finally managed to come up with a design I'm more or less satisfied with, finish it off and so the new version of my site it online.

Hope you all like it.


The world is getting crazier by the minute. While the Belgian government already is using and electronic ID-card and signed a deal with Microsoft to use of this ID card on msn chat services and the internet, the government is also working with adobe for encrypting .pdf files securing them with the electronic ID card While Microsoft has already taken a patent on the human skin as a transmitter a while ago Sony has recently requested a patent on a device for transmitting sensory data directly into the human brain. Furthermore Sony & the belgian company Teleportel announced a deal for future development of conference equipment that currently creates the impression of talking three dimensionally to a person.

To great pleasure of my local cd shop I couldn't resist myself and buying some new records so I'm now the proud owner of some fine tunes by: South San Gabriel , Centro-Matic , Lifesavas and Jaga Jazzist I recently went to some concert nights and saw Jaga Jazzist live and I must say I never saw a 10 men band play so coherently, so go and check them out if you have the chance.

Musical Heroes of the moment: Prefuse 73 and the ever tight Ratatat Sample of the moment: Are you my woman by The Chi-lites aka Crazy In Love by Jay Z. & Beyonce


Best Buy: From Belgium With Love A 5 cd box which includes discs from Gus Visuer, Django Reinhardt,Rene Thomas, Toots Tielemans and Bobby Jaspar. part of the excellent Jazz In Paris releases.

Musical hero's of the moment: Jimmy Edgar, Dj Krush, Bloc Party

Sample of the moment: Let A Woman Be A Woman, Let A Man Be A Man by Dyke & The Blazers also known as Sally Walks from Stetsasonic

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