Miguel's Website


My name is Miguel and I live in a small country named Belgium. I'm interested in almost everything about computers & technology and wish to one day be a programmer, web designer or something else that has to do with computers.

Stuff I made

Websites: Website1Website2
Infinity: The Quest For Earth: Industrial Building - ICP Server List - ICP Dedicated Server
Stoom: Background 1 2 - Wallpaper 1

Links to interesting things

Personal: SteamID
Games: Infinity:TQFE - Stoom - Insurgency - JailBreak - KZMod

Why is this page so ... pink?

Why is the sky blue? Because some weirdo was drunk so he painted it blue. This page is pink because well ... Pink is the new blue ! Doesn't make sense, does it? Wazaa.

You are great ! How can I contact you ?

I know, thank you. Why would you even like to contact someone who uses pink in a website? Anyway, here is my emailadress:

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