At the end we're all just animals. Amazed by the dark feelings of human beings, she points out the obsessions and addictions we all carry inside us. We watch horror movies but when we look around us the world often looks like such movies. How far can she go as a video artist and how far can you take it as a viewer?

..because artists never die
and madness is female.
Art should be everything and at the end nothing.
Always been creative as a child, passionated about art,
a devotion gaven by her dad.
After being 8 years in art school ,
graduated as Bachelor Fine Arts and Digital video producer
Her work progressed from paintings to installation art,
she developed her commitment to
experimental video and performance art
and found her true passion in releasing visuals & music videos.
inspired by the power of music that gives her the energy to keep going.
As people describe her work as freaky and mentally disturbing

Characterization as by chaos and reappearance where she puts the focus on the montage as the most essential .
Have you ever been to the dark side ?
If not... Feel welcome

Malika Maria atwOrk