The Shadows and Some Others

"Some years ago, someone named "Chart Chai Mee Sang Nin", a retired doctor from somewhere in Asia had sequenced in the midi format a lot of tunes, including many from the Shadows and some other guitar instrumentals. He has long closed his site but I still have in my files some of his midi files.

Many of Goran's backing tracks were made from these midi files.


"Goran" in question is Goran Tangring

I suggest you use his mp3-backing tracks for the Shadows tunes: they are excellent!! (Look in the lefthand column of his site)

On the other hand I used for the Ventures tunes the midi files found on Don Walker's site.

The zip hereunder contains lead sheets in one pdf-file (2 pages per tune, optimised for 2-sided printing), tef-files containing for many of them the original Chart Chai Mee Sang Nin MIDI sequencings, and finally for "Pipe line" and "Walk don't" the appropriate MIDI-files. 

Tef -files can be visualised and listened to with Tabledit's tool Tefview.

Shadows Playbook FVdB Vol 01 Content:
Atlantis, Brazil, Cavatina, Crockett's Theme,Dance On, Don't Cry for me Argentina,FBI, Find me a Golden Street,
Geronimo, Ghost Ryders in the Sky, Man of Mistery, Mustang,Peace Pipe, Pipe Line,QuarterMaster's Store, Sleepwalk,
The Breeze and I, Theme from Giant, Theme from Shane, The Stranger, Walk don't Run, Wonderful Land

Shadows Playbook FVdB Vol 02 Content: