MALKIYA 67 (2005)

During dinner at a restaurant in London on 8th September 2003 Keith mentioned that he still
had a diary with the names and addresses of some of the volunteers who were in Malkiya in
1967/68. We thought, albeit tentatively, that it would be fun to meet again, in Israel, with as
many “oldies” as we could find and stimulate to make the journey……Slowly over the next
18 months our “search engine” took off and a reunion was organized in Malkiya on the
20th and 21st of May.
We would like to thank all the kibbutzniks (past and present) especially the
committee in Malkiya comprising of Uri Hirschfeld, Tamar Katz, Ljoeba Dyan and
Aviva Yassur, who made our stay so enjoyable – a party in the “moadon” (club house),
a day trip to the tributaries of the Jordan, and a barbecue - Metsuyan !
We have attached some photographs !
We decided to meet again in Israel in 2007 and in the autumn we will launch “M7”
We will be asking for your ideas qua organization,dates etc.
Brigitte has drawn up a data base with the names and addresses of “found” and “missing”
volunteers. Please keep her updated and send any photo´s you have to:


M7 - The Reunion of Volunteers in Malkiya – May 2007 (5767)

These are just a few of the the 400 odd photos that we took whilst in Malkiya.
We hope that you enjoy looking at them as much as we did actually being in Israel.
We would like to thank all the kibbutniks and those who are no longer living in Malkiya
for their splendid hospitatlity especially Uri Hirschfeld, Aviva Yassur and Ljoeba Dyan
For those of you who couldn’t make it,wel, we hope to see you next time………….