About me. ... who's that guy?
Who am I?
The most classic philosophical question of all time: who am I?

Well, I'm an avid computer-freak, specifically interested in CPU architectures, low-level software (firmware, operating systems, ...) and Open-Source solutions.

My hobbies include tinkering with electronics, programming multimedia demonstrations (demos), everything about linux/unix, reading science fiction novels, learning about ancient cultures, going for a movie with friends, writing electronic music compositions, philosophy, quantum-physics, toying with my commodore 64 and swimming or cycling if time allows me.

I consider myself as an open-minded individual who's always looking for new challenges. People see me as a very creative and imaginative person.

My primary goal in life is learning and therefore I try to stay alert of the newest developments in the aforementioned fields.

A picture of me in the year 2000
Work related.
My favorite jobs are those in which I can do some operating system's related programming, mostly on embedded systems with limited resources.

Notable accomplishments:

If you are interested in hiring me, you can find contact details in my short resume.
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