Frequently asked questions. ... know it all.
You haven't produced anything new lately, so what's up?! Are you guys dead?

As you can read in the history part, at the end of the year 2000, we all went our own ways. This does not mean that we don't see eachother anymore or that we don't program anything anymore. It just means that don't do any active productions which we publish online.
But that doesn't also mean that this might never change ... Who knows we'll be back some day ... :)

I'm looking for a fun group to join. Is there any way I can join yours?

As you could read above, we are not really active anymore. But who knows ... Contact Nutfreak and maybe the impossible will become quite possible :).

I think your productions look outdated. How come?

Almost all the stuff that we made was done in the 90's. So it's normal you will see mostly 'oldschool' effects.
We were also a fun demogroup. We made stuff 'coz we had fun doing so. Not to be elite or to aspire to get #1 in the charts. Basically, we didn't take it all that serious and had our own explorations of the demoscene of the 90s. :)

I totally love the long crazy scrolltexts you guys made!

We love them too ;-)