Free (Libre) Open-Source Software. ... fly bird fly!
My views on open-source and free software.
I often hear the terms of "Free as in beer" or "Free as in speech". My personal views on open-source software go a bit further and I would like to say "Free as in birds" :)

"Free as in birds" is the way I experience open-source software. I often have an idea about a certain piece of software and start programming.

When I hit a wall, I go to the web and see if anyone has solved my problem already (or close to). Then I end up writing 80% of the code, copy-pasting 20% of other open-source applications (with due credits in the source code and dox), using library XYZ to solve my problem and it's finished. It's much more enjoyable to develop software this way and be free to use a bit of this and a bit of that to quickly and efficiently solve any kind of technical challenges I face.

So, in short, I fly from place to place, picking up things that I can use, just like birds flying around, looking for food, nesting, ...

The only thing you need to be aware of in this practice, is to make sure the different open-source licenses do not conflict with one another, but that's about it.
My contributions.
This is a section that is still under construction. I intend to post some patches here for drivers, applications and other software that I have written over the years. Most of the code is copyrighted by my employers and clients, so I need to ask permission for most of the stuff. So not all download links are working yet.

Notable contributions: