Freedom Systems' members list. ... who's bad?
Nutfreak / CyberHiPriest (Jan Vermeulen)
Nutfreak This guy's the main coder of the group. He's also responsible for most of the organising stuff.

Born on 23/6/77 and has a job as an embedded software hacker.

His hobbies (besides coding) include games (LAN-events), mountain-biking, tweaking with hardware/electronics, watching movies, making electronic music, reading and diving..
Ohm-ego / Ayatollah (Bartel Debbaut)
Ayatollah/Ohm-Ego A talented individual who's responsible for helping Nutfreak with some additional coding. His main occupation is music and graphix (ANSI/8bit/TrueColor/Graffiti)

Born on 28/4/73 and has a job as a physical therapist in geriatrics.

His hobbies include DJ'ing (lounge, downbeat, deep house & techno), small productions (mainly techno) - skating (ice & blades)- asian cooking.
Raz (Sebastiaan Wauters)
Raz This guy is one of the beta-testers of Freedom Systems. He's also takes part in some programming when the need arises.

Born on 26/5/77 and currently has a job as a software programmer.

His hobbies include games, football / soccer, watching movies and cycling.
Dstroy (Maarten Cant)
Dstroy Our very talented music composer. He contributes some very good tunes in our productions. From time to time, he also contribute to some gfx.

Born in 11/8/79 and owns an interior design company.

His hobbies include performing live on stage with his band, synthesizers, cartoons, martial arts, painting, graffiti, reading, (collecting rare) comic books and playing cool games.
Gizzmo (Timur Slock)
Gizzmo This guy is another beta tester and supplier of the group. When the need arises, he also helps out with some minor programming tasks.

Born in '78 and has a job as a project engineer.

His hobbies include games (PS2 and LAN), motorcycles, cars, football / soccer, partying and watching good movies.
Spirit (Igor Laevaert)
Spirit Spirit is another beta tester and supplier of the group. He also takes care of some (internet) Public Relations and connections. :) (IRC, message boards, ...)

Born in '77 and has a job as a legal consultant for the goverment.

His hobbies include watching movies, PS2 / LAN gaming, swimming, human rights and art.
Just Q (Kevin De Coen)
JustQ Another beta tester of the group. Beside this, he's just a really cool guy :).

Born in '76 and has a job as an assistant in a chemical lab.

His hobbies include games (LAN-events), watching good movies, cycling, music and reading.