What's new? ... it's so fresh.
30 November - New update.

Finally had some time to collect and zip all the code for my projects and made a page with descriptions.

I also started collecting my open-source contributions from over the years and made a preliminary page with descriptions and my views on open-source (see the 'Free Software' link on the left).

3 August 2009 - New update.

Now that I've moved house and switched my account with my provider, I uploaded an updated version of the site so I can add some more recent stuff.

I added a music subsection (only some OGGs there now) for sharing my electronic music compositions and a Retro subsection where some cool C64 hardware/software things will be shown. Eventually other retro stuff will be added.

21 February 2005 - Finished with FS part.

I've finished the Freedom Systems part. Now I can concentrate on adding some personal information about myself, projects and general interests ...

This is still gonna take a lot of work because lots of software and code that I've written is scattered all over CDs, floppy's etc. But it's going to be fun to give something back to the world.

11 February 2005 - New website.

As you can see, I've uploaded the new website.

I'm pretty satisfied with it. It's much cleaner and clearer than the previous dark and depressing pages :).

I still got to upload most of the pictures of the members and adjust other various GFX stuff, like the some screenshots in the software page. But this is it for now :)