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The Ascended Masters

The term 'Ascended Masters' refers to those souls who supposedly, after many incarnations and life experiences, have mastered the lessons of the physical realm which is about balance and the games of emotions and then ascend - return to higher consciousness of thought and light. They have chosen to serve planet Earth in its ascension process as mass consciousness evolves to its nature state of being.

Ascended Masters speak/channel to us - through synchronicities, dreams, meditations, art, music, other aspect of the creative mind - intuitive side of the brain - the right brain - also known as the feminine side. Ascension means a return to the higher frequencies which we think of as a return to the feminine aspects of our souls.

Connecting with an ascended master is a place we go to access the higher knowledge that we don't understand is inherently ours.They are a source we tap into when we want to trigger that higher knowledge within us. We search by sound, light and color thenconnect to that 'master' by frequency.

One definition of an ascended master is an individual who has undergone the process of ascension. Throughout history, there have been stories of these individuals who have reached a higher state of spiritual awareness and placed themselves in service to humanity.One concept of an ascended master derives from the teachings of Theosophy started by Helena Blavatsky.

In Theosophy, and various descendants and offshoots of theosophy, ascended masters are a group of spiritually enlightened beings, once mere mortals, who have undergone a process of spiritual transformation. According to these teachings, they remain attentive to the spiritual needs of humanity, and act as superintendents of its spiritual growth. In this, they can be compared to the Great White Brotherhood or Secret Chiefs who are posited by various magical organizations; and more remotely, to the bodhisattvas of Buddhism, or the saints of Catholic and Orthodox Christianity.


One idea may actually have originated with Edward Bulwer-Lytton, who in his satirical book The Coming Race posited the existence of "nine unknown men" who secretly run things in the world. Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society, was a huge Bulwer-Lytton fan and may have decided he was presenting true facts, disguised as fiction. Or she may have gotten the concept of the Masters from her correspondence with the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor, a mystic lodge which offered a correspondence course in esoteric doctrine.

Blavatsky brought attention to the existence of ascended spiritual leaders through her activities which included channelling messages from beings she called "Mahatmas", especially her spirit guide "Koot Hoomi" or "Kuthumi." From these beginnings, her successors in the Theosophical Society leadership, Annie Besant and especially Charles W. Leadbeater, developed the mythology of Ascended Masters, and fleshed out many of their alleged biographies and past lives. Leadbeater's 1925 book, The Masters and the Path, marked the crystalization of the lore that had accumulated around the concept of Ascended Masters into a published, public form.

Belief in ascended masters is found among the Theosophists, and among followers of the I AM movement, the Temple of the Presence, and Elizabeth Clare Prophet's Church Universal and Triumphant. The occult organization, Servants of the Light, claim to have contact with an ascended master. Many New Age channelers routinely talk about the Masters, taking it as given that they exist.

The Great White Brotherhood

In some versions of the doctrine, the ascended masters, as a collegiate body, are the "Great White Brotherhood," white referring to advanced spirituality rather than race - very much like "Gandalf the White" after his victory over the Balrog in The Lord of the Rings. In fact, most early reports of the masters described them as racially Tibetan or Hindi, not Anglo. Belief in the Brotherhood and the masters is an essential part of the syncretistic teachings of these several groups. Various important spiritual leaders such as Jesus, the Prophet Muhammad, the Virgin Mary, and Kuan Yin the compassionate bodhisattva, take their seats alongside magical or alchemical personalities like the Count of St. Germain, and other mystic celebrities like Kuthumi, one of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky's claimed spiritual guides - all of these leaders have put aside any differences they might have had in their Earthly careers, and unite instead to improve the spiritual well-being of the human race.


Reincarnation is a notable feature of some groups' teachings about the ascended masters. For example, according to the Summit Lighthouse the ascended master Kuthumi was also reincarnate as a number of historically important people, including Pharaoh Thutmose III, the philosopher Pythagoras, Saint Francis of Assisi, Balthasar the Magus, and Shah Jahan. Several of the other ascended masters are said to have had equally distiguished careers in reincarnation.

Ascension Bloodlines

One of the most interesting beliefs about ascension is the notion of "ascension bloodlines". According to the Gnostic tradition, ascension is said to happen only after several dedicated lifetimes that directly support the ascension process. If an individual ascends leaving daughters, the daughters supposedly become able to reproduce at will rather than going through the process of sex. The ascension process is said to transmit forward along the genetic line for seven generations, giving the females the ability to give birth through immaculate conception to offspring who will ascend. The priest class in various cultures were said to guard these bloodlines in order to ensure that all descendants would ascend. This belief is based on the many accounts in mythology and spiritual history of individuals born of virgin mothers (Jesus, Mithra, etc.) who then accomplish extraordinary social changes, preceding their ascension.

Several Ascended Masters

Djwhal Khul
El Morya Fifth Ray - Blue Ray - Throat Chakra
Gautama Buddha
Hilarion Fourth Ray - Green Ray - Green Ray - Healing - Heart Chakra
Jesus / Sananda
John the Baptist
Kuthumi Third Ray - Yellow Ray - Solar Plexus
Kwan-Yin Sixth Ray - Indigo Ray - Third Eye chakra
Lady Nada Second Ray - Orange Ray - Sacral Chakra
Virgin Mary
Paul the Venetian
Saint Germain Seventh Ray - Violet Ray - Crown Chakra
Sanat Kumara
Serapis Bey First Ray - Red Ray - Root Chakra

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