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FSC project in Sri Lanka
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Our motto: Making sustainability your business

About this service

When it comes to management of natural areas and resources, FSG believes in responsible stewardship. This we understand as the situation where people apply sustainable management practices embedded in a long-term vision. It involves solutions that benefit people and planet for many generations to come.

For who?

Policy-makers, landowners, administrators and other stakeholders around the world are becoming increasingly aware of the need for responsible stewardship. They seek help from FSG for practical solutions, that work for them and the environment.

Our approach

FSG's people-and-planet-first approach
FSG has a long track-record in services related to Sustainable Resource Management. We teach techniques that allow for maximum benefits and minimum interference with nature. Our services extend from on-site resource assessments to adaptations of management plans and their implementation. Accordingly, we offer services to a broad range of stakeholders , such as producers, landowners and planners. We help develop new forestry and agro forestry systems, for maximum sustainability and benefits from forest and agricultural land. And through new eco-tourism plans we help achieve maximum benefits from natural areas and landscapes.

Our services

We have the following services on offer:

Forest inventories

FSG conducts inventories of forests, regarding species presence and other biological and physical properties that are important for decisions on management practices. We also draw conclusions from the inventories.

NR Management Plan advise

We help planners and managers comply with management plans for use of forests, plantations and non-timber forest products. We ensure these plans are compliant with national laws and regulations and international buyer requirements (if applicable). We also write complete new Management Plans. With our long-term partner " PAN Parks " we are also working on management of Wilderness area's.

Sustainable Resource Management training

For stakeholders both on planning and implementation level, we provide extensive training in all aspects of sustainable resource management.

Agro forestry system development

We develop new combinations of forest and agricultural crops, for optimum use and benefits of available land.

Eco and agro tourism development

FSG develops business plans to make natural areas and landscapes attractive for (inter)national tourists. These plans are to result into sustainable sources of income for entrepreneurs as well as for local communities.

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Forest land and natural areas managed (through FSC certification) by July 2009: 205.767 ha

Check our trackrecord to read more.

Mexico, NTFP project (mushrooms)

Sri Lanka, plantation management

Forest Inventories
We are able to:
  • Implement and maintain Permanent Sample Plots (PSP).
  • Create and interpretation of age classes.
  • Calculate the Annual Allowable Cut (AAC).
  • Calculate and set growth figures per specie and per hectare.
  • Calculate and set harvestable Diameter at Breast High (DBH) per specie.
  • Calculate the necessary amount of dead wood.
  • Predict the possible market, and value of the timber in the coming years.
Forest Management Plans (FMP),
Plantation Management Plans (PMP),
Non Timber Forest Products (NTFP) MP's.

We write full MP's, often based on FSC criteria. With our FMP, and your implementation, you are able to become FSC certified. We use our own formats for this which can be used around the world. We've developed many different MP's over the last 13 years in many countries. An example of an "FMP -Index" can be found here (names of paragraphs only).

Agroforestry system development
We've developed new agroforestry systems in Surinam and Nicaraqua. We use our own developing tool "Biological Agroforestry Systems" (BAS). During an agroforestry system development activity we study and advise you on the following main aspects.

Eco and agro tourism development
We've developed tourism projects in Peru and Papua Barat.

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