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Partners and contacts

Jeroen Ex, program manager Peru Tropical Timber Program (PTTP).

Aad Van Noort, FSG project implementation.



Peru is home to 70 million hectares of tropical forest. Timber from these forests is still mostly illegally logged with relatively low extraction costs and can be sold at very low prices in local markets. As a result, legally logged timber, including FSC certified timber, faces fierce price competition. Certified timber provides access to the export markets that pay better prices, which is key for economically viable sustainable forest management. The production and increased marketing of Lesser Known Species (LKS) is an essential part of FSC certification. In this program we assist Timber processors from Peru in FSC certifying their company and selling their products in the EU. We will focus on Lesser Known Species.

Market Linkages Peru

Exporters from Peru: Products for sale!.

 1. E & J Matthei Maderas Del Peru  Sawn timber, S4S, solid flooring T&G, Furniture components   Leaflet   Website
 2. Grupo IDF  Solid wood doors, components or elements, Mouldings   Leaflet   Website
 3. Maderacre  Sawn timber   Leaflet   Website
 4. Mailsac  Triplex and multiplex   Leaflet  
 5. Mapie  Doors, stairs, ladders and components   Leaflet   Website
 6. Maderas Peruanas  Dowels in several sizes, solid flooring T+G, Garden Tiles, Folding tables and chairs, Stairs, Benches   Leaflet   Website
 7. Pequenos  Children toys made from wood.   Leaflet   Website


June 2014:
Project leaflet

June 2014:
Timber species from Peru

June 2014:
Timber species from Peru sorted by the use

June 2014:
Timber species from Peru sorted by density

Oct '14-March '15.
Exporters selected; 7 companies promoted at the EU market

Project started May 2014.
12 companies visited in Peru.

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