El Principe Valiente, published by Acme, Buenos Aires in their collection "Robin Hood". These books consists of the Max Trell/ Hal Foster pictures and reading text. Published in 3 prints. In1959-62; around 1973-74; and around 1982.

It is been said that there are only 5000 copies printed of each book. I am not completely sure about the number of books 11. I did compare the book with the German Badische Verlag editions, which has the same pictures. Then it must be book 11.


1: El Principe Valiente en la poca del rey arturo.
2: El Principe Valiente contra Atila. Robin Hood n 30.
3: El Principe Valiente en El Mar. Picture from 1959.
4: El Principe Valiente Un Viaje Peligroso. Picture from 1962.
5: El Principe Valiente y la Princesa Dorada. Collection Robin Hood.
6: El Principe Valiente en el nuevo mundo. Collection Robin Hood n 125.
7: El Principe Valiente y los 3 desafios. Robin Hood n 145.
8: El Principe Valiente en Viaje a Thule. Robin Hood n 169.
9. El Principe Valiente y su amigo Boltar
10: El Principe Valiente y los bandidos rebeldes.
11:El Principe Valiente? .

Value is around 30 USD for the first print and 15 USD for the latest print. Pictures are the same for all 3 series.

Acme book 1

Acme book 2

Acme book 3

Acme book 4

Acme book 5

Acme book 6

Acme book 7

Acme book 8

Acme book 9

Acme book 10

Acme book 11