I will simply show you all items I discover in the last years. You could build your own army of Thule if you have all! All items have the Prince Valiant (Red) Horse or other special sign in place somewhere. Go to the links chapter for links to marvelous websites where you can actually buy these metal weapons.

The blue sword with the scabbard is made by Museum Replicas (Actual manufacturer: Windlass Steelcrafts). It's a limited Edition of 1000 pieces.

Metal Helmet; Euro 80

Metal Sword; Euro 60

Metal shield; USD ?

Plastic shield & sword; USD 40

The whole set + box.

Metal Sword 41 inch; USD 80

Museum Replicas; USD ? See links page!!

US Crossbow pistol game. USD 15

US Crossbow, second picture; USD 15

US Plastic Arrows; USD 15

Spain Crossbow edition; Euro 15

Spain Crossbow edition; Euro 15

Shield (Nemrod 1955, 30cm),
Spanish version; Euro 15