There are many figures produced in the past and even up to this date new figures are produced. Sometimes these figures are made as toys, sometimes for collectors or painters of model figures.

Many thanks to: Andreas Schmidt. Click on this link to go to the website of Mr Schmidt, it gives a perfect overview of the Estolin figures.

Syrocco figure 1944; USD 40

Marx Playset. Euro 30

Marx toy figures. Euro 10

Marx toy soldiers. Euro 10

Marx's detail of PV& Aleta. Euro 20

Marx's Box of the playset. Euro 20

Estolin figure 1; USD 10

Estolin figure 2; USD 10

Estolin figure 3; USD 10

Estolin Group of figures; USD 30

Estolin figure 4; USD 10

Dark Horse figure; USD 10

Andrea Miniatures; USD 10

Mold number 1;

Mold number 2;

Rohlinge figures; Euro 12/ figure

Carlsen/KFS figure; Euro 45

Konvalut figures; Euro 20/set

KFS magnetic figure; USD 15

Reamsa; Euro 15

Figure from Spain; Euro 10

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