Hachette is an old publisher. The first book they published was in 1957. BUT, the drawings are probably not from Foster. It seems that Hachette was re-drawing or re-cutting and pasting Foster material. On the first sight pictures looks the same, but when studying the pages better you will see that there are many differences.

See the pictures below for comparation. It's a picture from sunday page 44.

After this first book Hachette did publish at least 3 books around 1974. These are made from original Foster material.

Please note that Prince Valiant was written Prince Vaillant in these books.

The first old book has no title. The second serie has the following titles: 1: l'épée enchantée
2: le complot diabolique
3: le roi de thulé

First old book. Euro 30


Original Foster

Book 1 Euro 15

Book 2 Euro 15

Book 3 Euro 12