All the products and strange things which won't fit in any other chapter on this website can be seen here. I really don't know what to do with it. So take a look and be surprised!

Doubloon; USD 10

Watch. Euro 30

KFS medallion. USD 20

Part of puzzle. USD 20

Total puzzle. USD 20

Second puzzle. USD 20

Third puzzle. USD 20

Tin Dime bank; USD 40

Tin Dime bank; USD 40

The PV Board Game; USD 30

The details of the game.

The Valiant Wimpel.Euro 20

The Valiant warplane. USD ??

The Vintage backpin 1.USD 10

The Vintage backpin 2. USD 10

Lunch box. USD 20

The PV vintage medal. USD 10

Dahlia Prince Valiant

Framed Glass

Framed Glass

Bed clothes. Euro 35

HO railway box car. USD 60

Cromo-plastic button. Euro 5