Aller Verlag did print the "Phantom comic serie" in 1952. It contains all kind of comic heroes, including Prinz Eisenherz. The Prinz Eisenherz issues are reprinted by Hethke-Verlag.

From the 3rd year of Phantom Comics on Prinz Eisenherz gets a sub-serie of his own. Aller Verlag did print 10 Prinz Eisenherz magazine-like books in 1953/1954 (issue 1-10) and 5 books in 1955 (issue 1-5). These books are difficult to get and very rare. Some of the books have pictures from the 1954 movie on the cover. See below for some pictures. Some of these books are also given away for free, to introduce the Phantom serie. These books can be recognized on the stamp "lesoprobe" in the right top corner.

Hethke-Verlag did reprint the 15 old Prinz Eisenherz Aller books in 1992 and 1993. See below for the pictures. They were also reprinting the old Phantom serie.

Hethke Verlag is also the publisher of " Die Sprechblase". The Sprechblase is still running and is publishing recent work of John Cullen Murphy . See the magazine paragraph for more information.

These Phantom magazines are also published by Stjärnbragder magazine (Star Exploits) by Allers Press, Zweden, Skipper Skræk magazine from Danmark and Kippari Kalle magazine by Sanoma in Finland. They are all using the same covers.

Aller Verlag Phantom serie.

PV own sub-serie 1954-10; Euro 20

PV own sub-serie 1955-2; Euro 20

Phantom 1953-18; Euro 20

Phantom 1953-24; Euro 20

Phantom Lesoprobe; Euro 20

Hethke Verlag 1992 reprints.

Book 1954-1 Euro 8

Book 1954-2 Euro 8

Book 1954-3 Euro 8

Book 1954-4 Euro 8

Book 1954-5 Euro 8

Book 1954-6 Euro 8

Book 1954-7 Euro 8

Book 1954-8 Euro 8

Book 1954-9 Euro 8

Book 1954-10 Euro 8

Book 1955-1 Euro 8

Book 1955-2 Euro 8

Book 1955-3 Euro 8

Book 1955-4 Euro 8

Book 1955-5 Euro 8

Hethke Verlag 1992 reprints of Phantom serie.

Phantom 1952-3; Euro 8

Phantom 1952-9; Euro 8