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The bad news is: it's not possible to obtain all the work up to the Sunday page of last week, or even the last pages of last year. It's also not possible to obtain the remaining pages in one language.

Depending on the country you are living you can decide how to start the series. I mean, page 1 to 1788 (the last page Hal Foster made) are printed in English, Dutch, German, Spanish, French and even some other languages. See therefore the different paragraphs in the book section of this web page.

Between the 1st of November 1970 and 16 May 1971 both Hal Foster and John Cullen Murphy were making pages, but the last page Hal Foster made was nr 1788. After that Hal did send the scenario's and small sketches to John Cullen Murphy for further drawing. Hal also tried two other artists, Gray Marrow (who made page 1757 from the 11th of October 1970) and Wally Wood (who made page 1762 from the 15th of November 1970). But John Cullen Murphy became his final choice.

From page 1788 it becomes more difficult to find re-prints. Sometimes your own country publication will continue for a while. For example the American Fantagraphics series are published up to August 17th, 1980 (page 2246; in book nr 50).These were the last pages written by Hal Foster. Unfortunally Fantagraphics will NOT continue the serie, they will only start to reprint the whole serie again in 2009. The Dutch Semic serie is printed up to page 2375 and the Austrian Pollischansky print is going as far as page 2553. Both printers discontinued their series as well.

But after that you need to continue in the German Carlsen prints or start reading the books from Thule Forlag in Norway. Carlsen did print all the plates up to very recent pages. Most books can still be obtained and otherwise you can try ebay Germany (search for Prinz Eisenherz).

Thule Forlag is also printing the work of Murphy and they are continuing to do so. Their last book (67) contains the work of 1991. Ofcourse you should be able to read Norwegian.

For those of you who like to continue where the US Fantagraphic has stopped publishing (Book 50, Vikings on the Isle of Man (July 1, 1979 to August 17, 1980, page 2246). You should start buying Carlsen book 50, which contains plate 2212 - 2255. For those of you who like to continue where the Dutch Semic Press series has ended (page 2375); you should start to buy Carlsen book 53 to continue the series.

There are no other publishers in the market who were printing the John Cullen Murphy years.
However, recently the US publisher Andrews McMeel Publishing printed the book "Far from Camelot". This is quit a special book because it contains the art and writing work from Gary Gianni (Author) and Mark Schultz (Author) over the years 2004 till 2008 (pages 3537-3719). Thus this is almost 4 years of Valiant history in 183 pages full color.

If you still like to follow the comic on a weekly basis you have to subscribe to Daily Ink (part of the KFS organisation). Then you can download the last Sunday page from the KFS page each week.