These are the Links I use, to get in touch with Prince Valiant on a daily base.

The Homepage of Gary Gianni!

Comic book publishers

King Features Syndicate. Sunday page examples! US

Daily Ink. Download the sunday page of last week! You have to become a member first. US

Fantagraphics Books, US

Carlsen Verlag Germany

Carlsen Comics Danmark (also for Norway)

Melzer Verlag Germany

Hethke Verlag Germany

Pollischansky Verlag Austria; unfortunally no comic books anymore.

Pacific Comics Club, US

Manuscript Press and homepage of the Prince Valiant Companion, US

Opera Graphica, Brazil

Edições Asa, Portugal. There current serie of PV books is sold out.

Thule Forlag, Norway

Egmont serieforlaget, Norway

Naklada, Croatië. Search with "Princ Valiant"

El Pais newspaper from Spain

Libros de Papel, Spain.

Marketprint, Balkan area.

Sylvester strips, Netherlands.

Andrews McMeel Publishing. US.

Bocola, Germany.

Retailers and comic stores

Ebay; the largest Auction site; take a look at Ebay in other countries to know your world! This is were I buy most.

Amazon UK; try also the other Amazon websites worldwide!

Random House, retailer from the UK

My comicshop, US retailer.

By-The-Sword. Buy your own real Prince valiant armour on this site!

Dragonlord Bookshop, UK

On line booksearch in the UK!

Mars Import, US. Bookstore

Fetchbook, US. Online book search.

Nostalgia Zone, US. Bookstore

Book Palace, US. Bookstore

Budplant, US. Bookstore


French Bookstore.

BD-Net, French retailer.

French retailer/ search site.

Amazon France; try also the other Amazon websites worldwide!

French Buy Central website; for your French language books

Dutch & Belgium; all sites

Lambiek: Oldest Dutch Comic shop, but also a lot of information and online museum.

Boekbeeld; internet comic sales.

Topstrips. Great online shop with load of old Dutch/Belgium Comics. Amazing Belgium site with picturs of almost 16.000 covers!!!

Stripschap. The oldest and most famous Comic club in the low lands!! All the info you need!


German retailer.

German retailer.

Bonner Comic Laden Germany; comic shop. Buy your Carlsen books here!

Amazon Germany; try also the other Amazon websites worldwide!


Nuvoloso. Great Italian Comic shop.

Background information and literature.

Prince Valiant in Spain, best Spanish site with loads of information

Prince valiant in Finland!

Comic Museum from Danmark.

The Leinhaus; great PV fansite in Germany. Valuable source of information.

Mad magazine research.

About the PV cartoon serie

Reuben awards; The Oscar for comic artists, won by Foster and Murphy

Great website about all OLD work of Foster, before he started our hero.

Camelot. General PV site with a lot of info about the cartoon series.

Great german research and fan site. There is also a forem. German language only.

Saraceuse University, US. This is where a lot of original Foster material is been stored. Gift of Mr. Foster, 1966-1972 (and after his death). See this website for an overvieuw.

Site of Mr Greg Stafford with interesting articles and background infp about PV.


Prince Valiant Forum in English (mostly about the cartoons)

German Forum


Prinz Eisenherz Restaurant In germany!

Play your own Prince Valiant game....magic site, take a look and try to understand!

Lucia is an artist from Italy, she has made the painting below. Ask her more more details.