Prince Valiant (US),
Prinz Eisenherz (German),
Principe Valiente or Valient (Spanish language),
Princip Valent (Catalan language),
Principe Valiant, Principe Valentino (Italian),
Príncipe Valente (Portuguese language),
Prinssi Rohkea, Prinssi Peloton, Prinssi Urhea (Finish),
Princ Valijant (Balkan area),
Princ Valiant (Eastern Europe),
Prince Vaillant (France),
Prins Valiant (Dutch, Sweden, Danmark, Norwegian & Iceland),
Valiant Prinsur (Farao Islands)


The society for Prince Valiant enthusiasts.

If you search the internet for Prince Valiant you will easily find 50.000 hits, on this page all this information is summarized. This is the first platform which combines the US and European Prince Valiant comic world.

Did you know that there is a Prinz Eisenherz Restaurant in Germany? Did you know that there are Prince Valiant books published in Chile? Did you know there is a Dutch Magic Lantern comic? On these pages you will find over 1800 pictures of Prince Valiant products. You can investigate more then 1800 book publications around the world. Of every single product the current market price is listed in Euro or USD.

Please feel free to send me your remarks, articles or additional information. I find more information almost every week, but I can't know everything…therefore I need your help!

All information on this website is coming from my own collection, other websites, internet auctions sites, book-publications and e-mails. The current market prices are coming from auctions, comic shops, and comic catalogues with prices.

Due to the huge amount of pictures on this site, the quality of each picture is low. But the pictures are only there to recognize certain books. If you like to have a better copy of a certain cover, please let me know.

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