April 2021:
When I write this it has been 9 years (!!!) since the last update. I was busy with other things and PV was not a priority. In the meantime the website started to break down because of new requirements from browsers, flashplayer simply abandoned by the producer and other things. I made the repairs now. At least the site is in the air again. Over the years I got many feedback and contributions from fans. They are all waiting to be included. At this point I am not sure when I can do this. But anyway: keep on reading!

June 2012:
Major techno update to make the site compatible with IE 9. New books will be added soon my friends!

Sept 2010:
It seems that suddenly everybody start to re-print PV again: check the new books update. Furthermore 61 pictures added to several chapters and one new printer added: Egmont, from Norway. Some paragraphs are re organized, like Thule Forlag, Camillo Conti and Rio Grafica Editori from Brazil. I also found out that Carlsen-Norway published the Max Trell books as well. On top of this I found pictures of the remaining books in the Carl Aller Norway chapter. These are amongst the oldest prints at the site.

Nov 2009:
Spanish and Finnish language added! Spanish chapter repairs with the help of Mr Mariano Bayona Estradera. 31 pictures added amongst the site. Some new magazines added: Fix und Foxi and El Gorrion.

March 2009:
The first complete Prinz Eisenherz overview added: article "Deutsche Eisenherz Ausgaben" by Jost- Xaver Bussmann is added. Thanks Jost! In the mean time the introduction pages are now available in 6 languages. Spanish and French still to come!

Feb 2009:
1. Working on country pages. This to facilitate you in a better way.
2. Brand new forum added! This time with all modern possibilies, take a
3. Around 75 pictures added. Mainly in the Camillo Conti, Nerbini, Ferma, Ediciones BO, Libros de Papel and Balkan chapters.
4. There are also many new books out. Take a look at the new books chapter.
5. Re-written text in the Iceland and Denmark (Skipper Magazine) and other Scandinavian paragraphs (thanks to Reinharð Reinharðsson).
6. And of course, again, we've found some new printers: L´atzar edicions, Libri Impressi, Sylvester strips, Andrews McMeel Publishing.

October 2008:
New site is launched. Enjoy! Around 50 pictures are added, mainly in the Scandanavian chapters. Many thanks to Reinhard Reinhardsson from Iceland. Several new printers added.

April 2008:
It has been a long time since the last update of this site. But that doesn't mean we were not working on PV. We've developed a new look for the site, which will be on display soon but is currently running as a shadow site to see if everything operates smoothly.

But nevertheless new information is still coming in daily. Added to the site are more then 200 pictures. The main part of these did go into the Burulan, Edicion BO, Dolar and Nerbini chapters. Some new magazines are added as well. And the remaining pictures are added to many different chapters. Each time we think we've discovered all possible printers by now, but no. Each time we find some new ones. Publisher added: Cisnes de Gerpla, allthough not Hal Foster, it's still the oldest Prince Valiente in Spain.

There is some news too. See the new books chapter. In the Netherlands we will finally got our luxe PV edition (The Netherlands never had one). In the US a special book will be published about/for and by Garry Gianni.

April 2007 Forum added to the site! See the banner at the top of the page!! Besides that I've added 128 pictures. The Thule Forlag directory from Norway is now complete The Planeta paragraph from Spain now contains all books. Many more pictures added in the Spanish chapter. I also added a special new, and secret, section to the site. It's still in draft, but it will become an important part of this site. Try to find it! I've added the following new printers: Asapor from Iceland, Milano Editrice from Italy and Skrifola from Danmark. Mr Jost- Xaver Bussmann is helping me a lot with missing pictures and information in regards to the German chapter!

January 2007 This update took some time, but that was mainly because of some serious PV work and research going on. But finally it's there. I've added 5 new book publishers, Bocola, Abril, Lindqvists Förlag, Agostini and Sanoma. I also added 3 new magazines; Stripmania, Mustanaamio and Gordon. In total I uploaded 104 new pictures. I also added a lot of pictures to the Ediciones BO/Tebeos chapter. There are now 1856 pictures of PV products at the site! I totally restructered the Splitter verlag chapter with great help of Mr Axel Wulff. Now there is no discussion possible anymore; this is the final Splitter line up! With the immens help of Mr Marko Tyynela from Finland I completely revised the Finland chapter and added many pictures and details. The movie & cartoon chapter is updated with many items and the same can be said for the 'other print work chapter'. Enjoy!

August 2006 Almost 60 pictures added, mostly in the Italian chapter and Spanish. I've also revised the Splitter Verlag chapter. The Dutch publisher "Panda" is added. Furthermore I came accross new Semics/Interpresse books from Danmark. On the "everything but paper" section I have added objects in almost every sub-paragraph. Take a look for new funny items. The Portugal chapter is revised with the help of Manuel Caldas.

April 2006 "Quick search frame" included on the low-left part part of your screen. Enjoy! In the meantime I am working on a complete new Italian chapter!

March 2006 In total around 70 pictures are added to the side. I also included the "oldest book and magazine in the world" paragraph. See the left side of your screen. Fun! Several new books are released, check out the "new books" paragraph.

Februari 2006 We've revised the Editorial BO (Spain) chapter and added many pictures. Besides that we added 2 Italian printers. In total around 60 pictures are added to the side.

December 2005 Almost 120 pictures added. Seperated over all chapters. Take a look yourself to see if you can find something new!

October 2005: The magazines from Portugal are added.
The Scandinavian chapter is divided in countries and almost 200 pictures, several new publishers and magazines are added. Many thanks to Thomas Eliasson, Alf Sallander, and Peter (Seriebörsen) from Sweden.

The growing amount of separate special pages forced me to make new link buttons on the left part of your screen. Several new pages are added over there; check out the "new books" page regularly to see the newly printed books around the world. Old updates (like this one) can be found there are well. I also included a "who is PV" button. Here you can find articles about Hal Foster and his hero in languages other then English. This is specially for our international visitors. We have now 1000 book cover pictures from 96 publishers on the site (only books). This month you can speak to us directly at the Comic Tradefair in Houten, the Netherlands. Hope to see you there!

September 2005: Todd Goldberg is helping me with the USA chapter, Sébastian Cousino is helping me with the French chapter. I've added some pictures and details to the Balkan, Spanish and Scandinavian chapter. Also added is some explanation how to use this website, you can find it on this introduction page. I re-styled and relocated the "articles in magazines" paragraph to the Resource chapter were it belongs. And finally I've added a very nice page about Gary Gianni's working method. See below.

August 2005: Almost 200 pictures and 15 newly found publishers added. New chapters of the formal Yugoslavia (Balkan) area added in the book and magazine chapter. The Spain and Portugal book chapters are totally revised. Also added is the article "Time line of artists, working on Prince Valiant and important dates. Who did what" added (see resource chapter). A data sheet is added with all info regarding this website, total book publications etc. I ve added a special story about "where is Thule", see both below. I 've added a list of active printers around the world, see below. In the book chapter I will thank several persons from now on who are helping me with details. I've such a contactperson in almost every country now, but feel free to subscribe as well!

Feb. 2005: Almost 100 pictures added, mostly in the Italian and Spanish book chapters.

Jan 2005: Mark Schultz seems to replace Cullen Murphy as writer of our hero. Read the press release in the Resource Literature chapter.

Oktober 2004; Full update Scandanavian and Brazilian pages. With many thanks to Armando José Capeletto for his Brazilian contribution. Furthermore I have added a Guestbook and several magazines.

July 2004; John Cullen Murphy died, age 85, on July 2nd, 2004! Read the press release in the Resource Literature chapter. And use the link on the Link page to go to the Press release page.

July 2004; New pages added for Scandanavian, Brazilian, Spanish en French books.

April 2004; Per February this year John Cullen Murphy officially handed over his drawing pencil to Gary Gianni.
Read the full article in the Resource Literature chapter. And use the link on the Link page to go to the homepage of Gary Gianni

1st of April 2004; Site launched.