Fix und Foxi, created by the comic book editor Rolf Kauka, is the most successful and best known German comic series. The weekly magazine, published by Gevacur AG (Switserland), taking its name from the two fox protagonists, was published for more than 40 years (between 1953 and 1994 as well as shortly in 2000). It was relaunched as a monthly magazine in 2005, re-christened Fix & Foxi.

Between 1972 - 1977 some larger Paperbacks were published. In different color schemes many heroes were published.

Band: (2) 1973 ( Softcover 192 Seiten, published 1973) contains "Prinz Eisenherz - Der Ritter ohne Furcht und Tadel", amongst 9 other heroes.

Band: (3) ( 1974) contains " Prinz Eisenherz: Die Festung der Geńchteten".

Value is around 6 Euro.