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In this chapter you will find only magazines. I will consider a publication as a magazine if it has less then 30 pages and different comic figures. If you don't find your publisher here you will find it on the "books"paragraph, because sometimes the difference between Magazine and Book is very small.

Dutch & Belgium publishers and Dutch Language Material.

Sjors magazine. No publishing anymore.
Okki magazine. NP. anymore.
Tom Poes magazine. NP.anymore.
Pep magazine. NP anymore.
Revu magazine. NP anymore.
Stripkrant. NP anymore.
Stripkoerier. NP anymore.

German & Austrian publishers and German Language Material.

Die Sprechblase. NP.
Blatt fur Alle.
Fix und Foxi.

North American publishers and American Language Material.

Pionier. NP.
Ace comics. NP.
Mad. NP.
GI Comics.
News Herald Comic book.
Star Weekly.

See for the Streetend (Memory lane), magazines the Memory lane book chapter.

French Material.

Hopla Magazine. NP.
Johnny. NP.
La Nouvelle République. NP.
Mickey. NP

Italian Material.

Corriere dei Piccoli, NP  
Gordon Magazine, NP  

See for the Nerbini magazine, the Nerbibi book chapter.

Spanish Material.

Chio. NP.
Aventuras Maravillosa,
El Windigo. NP.
Comix Internacional. NP.
Chito. NP.
Boy. NP.
Manolo & Irene, 
El Tebeo. NP.

Portuguese Material.

Many thanks to: Manuel Caldas and BDPortugal. Click also this link for a good picture of Portugal editions.

Flash Gordon. NP.
Jornal do Cuto. NP.
Condor (APR). NP
Mundo de aventuras. NP
Mosquito. NP
Primeiro de Janeiro. NP
Ciclone (APR). NP
Audácia (APR). NP
TV Junior. NP
Tigre (APR). NP

Material from Argentina.

El Tony. NP.
Historietas. NP.
El Gorrion. NP.

Material from Brazil.

Stripmania Magazine

Scandanavian Material.

Norway: Arbeidermagasinet. NP.
Norway: Spøk & Spenning. NP.
Sweden: Fantomen. NP.
Sweden: Karl Afred. NP.
Sweden: Demonen Magazine
Danmark: Fantomet. NP.
Danmark: Ude og Hjemme. NP.
Finland: Mustanaamio. NP

Balkan (formal Yugoslavia area; Serbia & Monte Negro, Croatie, Slovenia)

Biserstrip. NP.
Politikin zabavnik. NP.
Stripoteka. NP.
Kekec. NP.