The Menomonee Falls Gazette (MFG)is published by Streetend Enterprises. The first issue appeared on Dec 20, 1971, the last issue on 1976 (PV plates published #1910-2039.)

The MFG is more a magazine, also with other comics. See below for some pictures how it looks. 40 pages in two sections. B&W newspaper format magazine, but on better paper than newsprint. Opens out into tabloid sized pages, 11 X 16 inches. Reprints current and historic US, UK and one Australian newspaper comic strips. (One week of dailies or a Sunday page, or both.) Value around 10 USD.

Features the pick of the action strips ( James Bond, Modesty Blaise, Rip Kirby, Johnny Hazard, Secret Agent Corrigan, Steve Canyon), Tarzan by both Russ Manning (Sunday) and Bob Lubbers (dailies) medieval adventure with both Prince Valiant and Kevin The Bold at full (generous tabloid) page size, Superman and Batman from the 1940s, classics like Ben Casey by Neal Adams, Garth by Frank Bellamy, Juliet Jones, Mary Perkins On Stage, Eisner's Spirit dailies; rarely-seen gems like The Seekers with art by John M Burns, and Scarth A.D. 2195

Under the label "Street Comics" the MFG did print Valiant in a special magazine: issue nr 1, from 1-12-1973. The volume is called "Strip comics from the 30's".Value is around 15 USD.

MFG issue 24

Street comics 1

MFG issue 101

MFG issue 135

MFG issue 157; 1974

MFG issue 184

MFG issue 211