In this section all movies and cartoons are discussed. For more info, see the links page. There is even a website only for the cartoons. There is no value added, most movies and cartoons are still easy to get against normal market prices.

The 1954 movie.

Movie 1954 US

Movie 1954, DVD version

Movie 1954, French.

The 1997 movie.

Movie 1997; US

Movie 1997 German

Movie 1997 Russian

Movie 1997 Italian

Movie 1997 French

Movie 1997 Spain

The cartoons and True Vue films.

German Cartoon; part 5

German Cartoons; part 6

US Cartoon; part 2

US Cartoons; part 3

US Cart.; part 1 re-issue

Dutch VHS cartoon 2.

Dutch VHS cartoon 3.

Dutch DVD cartoon box.

Brazilian DVD

Brazilian Cartoons

Spanish Cartoons

Spanish regular Cartoons (nr 3)

UK Cartoons

Italian Cartoons

Tru Vue films (1st print).

Tru Vue films.

Tru Vue films. (2nd print)