Serie 1.
Novaro did print at least 1 book in 1955 and 6 books around 1956-58 in their "Dominges Alegres" series. Not only PV is printed in this serie. The books have 32 pages in full color. PV is at least printed in the issues 45,130,142,160,195,235 and 265.

These books contains re-prints of the Dell comics, which were nor original PV by Hal Foster. The same covers are used for this serie. See the US-Dell page for more information. The same Dell books are also reprinted in German Language by Splitter Velag.

Value around 10 Euro's.

Serie 2.
Novara also did print a newspaper like serie called "Clįsicos.Historieta". These are printed in 1963. Each issue contains 8 pages on big format (27,50 x37 cms). The front and back page are in clor, the rest in black and white. As far as I know 2 issues with PV are published.

There was also one special book printed called "Vidas Ejemplares". This book has the number 103 and is published at 15-6-1961. It's is not Hal Fosters work (like the whole Novaro serie) but made by San Luis Gonzaga. Value is 75 Euro's.

Serie 1; Dell reprints

Issue 45 (dell 1).

Issue 130 (dell 2).

Issue 142 (dell 3).

Issue 160 (dell 4).

Issue 195 (dell 5).

Issue 235 (dell 6).

Issue 265 (dell 7).

Serie 2; Clįsicos Historieta

Clįs. Hist. 1

Clįs. Hist. 2

Special book 1961