Yes, in theory this paragraph should be the basis of this whole website!

Our Prince did start his first appearance in the newspapers. King Features Syndicate did sell Hal Fosters work to an endless amount of newspaper. Most of them forgotten, some of them still alive on a day to day business. It is said that Prince Valiant is published in 14 different languages and in 200 newspapers!

This is the first announcement in the newspapers in the US that Prince Valiant was coming.

I have a lot of Sunday pages myself, from a dozen or so different newspapers, but there are more, many more. There is a some research to be done here. Off course the main source of information is KFS.

I will work on this in the coming years. Ultimate goal? Publish a list of newspapers around the world who did publish our hero.

Let start somewhere! And this is a list who had PV published as well (drafted from a KFS promo folder):

Neue Welt

Neue Welt

Illustrierte Woche 1954

Spain newsletter

New York newsletter

US newsletter in French Lang. 1943

Action Katholique

Diaria Uruguay

Iceland newspaper