El Principe Valiente is the Spanish name for our hero. Panini did print this reading book with pictures in 1992. The pictures did come as seperate stickers packed per 6 pieces in a small paper bag. Collect all 216 different pictures and make your book! The Art work is not from Foster or Murphy but based on the television Cartoon series.

In 2009 Panini translated the book "Far from Camelot" (from the US publisher Andrews McMeel Publishing ) into 'Lejos de Camelot'. This is quit a special book because it contains the art and writing work from Gary Gianni (Author) and Mark Schultz (Author) over the years 2004 till 2008. Thus you get 4 years of Valiant history in 192 pages full color.

Book 1 Euro 10

Sticker example..

Lejos de Camelot