Pax did publish at least two HC albums under the name of Prins Ijzerhart (Prince Ironhart). Following the backside of my copy they did announce 4 more issues, but I did never see them. Black & White reading books with pictures. Published in 1964. See for more Opera Mundi Publication the French Paragraph.

"Prins Ijzerhart" is an interesting name for our prince. First the German translation for Valiant was "Eiserherz", which means Iron-Hart (allready not a very good translation). But after that Pax did translate this word by word into Ijzerhart, this while all other publication in this time in the Netherlands were simpy using "Prins Valiant".

1: In de dagen van koning Arthur.

2: Prins Ijzerhart in zijn strijd tegen de Hunnen.

New issues announced:


Book 1 Euro 40

Book 2 Euro 40