In this paragraph you will find all Resource Books, reading books and other literature. If your favourite Publisher is not listed here take a look at the Books or Magazines paragraph.

Here is the list with the books, the pictures are below.

Alles uber Prinz Eisenherz; Euro 40

Das Grosse Hal Foster Buch; Euro 60

Prince of Illustrators; USD 40

Blackbook; 1st print EURO 30

Blackbook; 2nd print EURO 30

Comic Legends; USD 25

The Comics; USD 25

Foster e Val 1st Print;
Euro 15

Foster e Val 2nd Print;
Euro 15

Foster e Val 3rd Print;
Euro 30

Foster y Val Spanish Print;
Euro 30

Foster: Una épica post-
romántica; Euro 10

Salvador Vázquez de
Parga's book; Euro 30

Edgard Guimaraes'
book; Euro 10

Sweden serie boken; Euro 20

Brazilian book; Euro 10

Spain; El Comic; Euro 10


US; Prince Valiant Page;

Re-printed 'Companion"