Prins Valiant, as our hero is called in Norwegian language. But who did print what with this serie? It's a mystery this far. I have the following pictures, and behind the title is the name of the printer on the cover and the year of print.

1. Prins Valiant 1: PRINS VALIANT. Nordisk Forlag A.S.1974
2. Prins Valiant 2: DET SYNGENDE SVERD. Nordisk Forlag A.S.1974
3. Prins Valiant 3: TIL KAMP FOR THULE. Nordisk Forlag A.S.1975
4. Prins Valiant 4: HUNNERJEGERNE. Nordisk Forlag A.S.1975
5. Prins Valiant 5: PÅ EVENTYR. Nordisk Forlag A.S.1976
6. Prins Valiant 6: ANGOR WRACK. Nordisk Forlag A.S.1976
7. Prins Valiant 7: AFRIKA. Nordisk Forlag A.S.1976
8. Prins Valiant 8: DEN STORE SJØREISEN. Nordisk Forlag A.S.1976
9. Prins Valiant 9: FORRÆDERI I THULE. Interpresse. 1977
10. Prins Valiant 10: ALETA. Nordisk Forlag A.S. 1977
11. Prins Valiant 11: OPPGJØR I SARAMAND. Nordisk Forlag A.S./ Semic 1978
12. Prins Valiant 12: DEN NYE VERDEN. Nordisk Forlag A.S./ Semic 1978
13. Prins Valiant 13: SOL GUDINNEN. Nordisk Forlag A.S./ Semic
14. Prins Valiant 14: DEN GALE KONGEN. Semic 1978
15. Prins Valiant 15:GEOFFREY ARF. Interpresse
16. Prins Valiant 16: KRIEG OR KAERELIGHED. Interpresse
17. Prins Valiant 17: FRA ROM TILL THULE. Interpresse
18. Prins Valiant 18: FLODEN DER FORSVANDT. Semic
19. Prins Valiant 19: DUEL I IRLAND. Semic

So it seems that there are three different printers here. But are there also three different series? At least 14 books are printed but I didn't see copies of the same book with a different printer name this far. Values for all books are around 10 Euro's, except for the Interpresse one, that is 20 Euro.

There is one special book printed by Interpresse, in their "Karat-serien (nr 5)". The title is "Ridderborgen" and it's a copy of The Mediaeval Castle. But the book also contains the "Song of Bernadette". Printed in 1978.

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